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About Awabakal Country

Awabakal Country is in Australia on the east coast. North of Sydney, it encompasses the modern cities of Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and surrounding areas.

  • Working with Schools

    - ON HOLD DURING COVID - Our School Workshops give your children a chance to learn some of the Awabakal Language, the traditional Aboriginal language of the Lake Macquarie, Newcastle and Hunter Valley landscapes. The children thoroughly enjoy our interactive lessons.
    Helping community
  • Consultancy services

    Our Awabakal Language & Culture Team are available to assist where possible in matters relating to Awabakal Language & Culture. Our Centre has a research and conservation development program, so we are regularly learning new things about Awabakal language and culture.
    Working with community
  • Tap into our resources

    Learning Awabakal Language is not just about learning our word for 'eyes' or 'tree'. It is also about learning a different way of viewing the world. Our language is a gateway to our culture. Explore our range of Awabakal language resources - books, posters, snap and flash cards.
    National recognition

Newcastle Herald 13.10.2009

A Cardiff-based organisation is helping to revive Aboriginal languages around the world, including the tongue of the American Indian Navaho tribe.

The non-profit Arwarbukarl Cultural Resource Association has received a $1 million federal grant to continue its work for three years.

Manager Daryn McKenny said the association had created software that was being used to preserve more than 100 languages, helping to arrest the decline of native culture.

"Every two weeks (on average), somewhere in the world a language disappears," Mr McKenny said.

"Australia is, unfortunately, a hotspot for language loss."

Charlton MP Greg Combet said the association was "at the forefront of keeping Indigenous language from being lost and bringing it back to local communities."

"Their biggest accomplishment has been helping bring back the local Awabakal language from extinction, where it is now being spoken once again."

Mr McKenny said there had been more than 250 Aboriginal languages  in Australia.

His group has worked for eight years to revive the language of the Awabakal tribe from Lake Macquarie and Newcastle.

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