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Biame is one of the great Goori ancestral beings of the Creation period. His presence is felt throughout many South-Eastern Indigenous Australian communities and his journeys are recorded in song, dance, art, oral histories and Dreaming sites. During the creation period he moved across the land, helping develop the landscape and giving life and law to man and other aspects of the environment. When his journey was complete Biame returned to the sky but appears at different times to remind Goori peoples of the law.

The Biame Cave at Millbrodale shows an art representation of Biame in the lands of the Wonnarua, while Mt. Yengo, south-west of Wollombi and in the Darkinjung country is one of the sites where Biame descended from and ascended back into the sky.

Early Europeans recognised the revered status Biame held in Goori lore and in trying to place him into their equivalent concepts of being, equated him with the Christian God.